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Wenzhou Xiangying Reflective Materials Science Technology Co.,Ltd

Xiangying Reflective Material is highly focused on the research and development of all kinds of tapes and stickers as well as some traffic security products. Founded in 2008, it has developed dramatically within a short period, and so far it has two self-operated factories with advanced machinery in Wenzhou city, an environmentally – comfortable office building in Yiwu and a team of professional staff. Also, it has an independent laboratory for sample test, data analysis and new products development.

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  • 2019

    Function of reflective film

    The main function of automobile body reflective stickers is to use the unique performance of reflective materials of reflective film to reflect light in the direction of light source. The…

  • 2019

    Precautions for storage, cutting, sewing and maintenance of reflective fabric

    Reflective fabric can be used in T-shirt, sportswear, shoelace, vest, jacket, fashion, armband, logo, belt, safety vest, hat emblem, backpack, raincoat, belt, glove, cutting character, sneaker, shoulder badge and other…

  • 2019

    What is the purpose of reflective clothing?

    Reflective vest is a kind of personal safety appliance which is made of reflective materials inlaid in the main parts of clothes or vests and used in night or bad…

  • 2019

    Precautions for storage, cutting and application of reflective film

    Reflective film is mainly used in road traffic signs, safety signs, construction signs, advertising signs and other signs, signs and other fields. One. storage The reflective film should be stored…

  • 2019

    Why does reflective cloth shine

    Reflective fabric is also known as: reflective fabric, retro reflective fabric. It is an optical principle that the glass bead is applied to the fabric and the light is refracted…

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