Function of reflective film


The main function of automobile body reflective stickers is to use the unique performance of reflective materials of reflective film to reflect light in the direction of light source. The purpose is for drivers in all directions to notice the existence of the car at the first time. To achieve the ultimate goal of improving the driving safety factor. There are many types of materials used for reflective stickers: pet type, acrylic type, etc., which is generally called plastic, with waterproof function. The reflective clarity of high-quality reflective film at night should be more than 6m, while the poor film will feel foggy. Now 3M reflective film is 6 times brighter than the traditional logo. In the daytime, the logo can be bright white; in the evening, the logo provides super reflective effect. It can also play the role of UV protection. The vehicle film is a single layer of high-pressure plating.

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