Precautions for storage, cutting, sewing and maintenance of reflective fabric


Reflective fabric can be used in T-shirt, sportswear, shoelace, vest, jacket, fashion, armband, logo, belt, safety vest, hat emblem, backpack, raincoat, belt, glove, cutting character, sneaker, shoulder badge and other different products. The following precautions should be paid attention to during the use:
1. storage
It should be stored in dry and ventilated room temperature to avoid the impact of crushing, high temperature and chemical corrosion and other destructive factors. The storage period shall not exceed one year.


2. Cutting and sewing
It is recommended to use die cutting, or manual cutting or cutting. The cutting edge shall be neat and uniform to reduce the generation of burr as much as possible.
When sewing at a place with suture, the length of each inch (2.54cm) shall not exceed 12 stitches, and the distance between the stitches and the edge of the reflective cloth shall not be less than 2mm. 100% polyester suture is recommended.


3. Washing
Water washing shall be carried out in accordance with method 2a of iso6330.
Follow the instructions for dry cleaning.


4. Maintenance
Avoid damaging factors such as high temperature, hard material abrasion, over brushing and chemical corrosion.
Keep its surface clean.

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