Review of reflective film


According to the principle of reverse reflection, reflective materials can “light up” the front by using the illumination of lights and the reflection of light, and improve the distance for the driver to find the objects in front, so as to give the driver more time and take corresponding safety measures. Compared with other kinds of road traffic safety measures and the cost of reducing road traffic accidents, the application of retroreflection technology is undoubtedly a low-cost and effective solution. In a sense, the application of retroreflective materials is a more active safety precautions. Compared with the measures aimed at reducing the degree of injury after the accident, such as guardrail protection, it has more safety value and embodies more love for life. Figures 1 and 2 are photos of various typical applications.

Since the 1930s, in addition to the rapid use of various kinds of new retroreflective materials created by science and technology industry, in order to reduce road traffic injuries as soon as possible, human beings began to gradually start the research on the application of retroreflective technology to improve road traffic safety conditions.

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