Why does reflective cloth shine


Reflective fabric is also known as: reflective fabric, retro reflective fabric. It is an optical principle that the glass bead is applied to the fabric and the light is refracted and reflected in the glass bead and then returned. Even if the reflected light mostly returns to the light source direction according to the direction of human radiation. This kind of fabric is a kind of fabric with safety function. When the personnel who are working at night or in the dark wear or carry this kind of safety material of return reflection, in case of light exposure, due to its function of return reflection, it will produce eye-catching effect, improve its visibility, so that the personnel at the light source can quickly find the target, effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents, and ensure personal safety.

In the past few years, I have been engaged in the industry, and gradually changed from the novelty at the beginning to the love of this reflective film industry. It is not only because the reflective material industry has brought itself a career, but also because of the characteristics of the reflective material industry. The most direct use of reflective materials is to play a warning role, reduce or prevent the occurrence of danger. It should be a very happy thing to be able to do your favorite work and help others.

Many new customers will be curious. They don’t understand that 3M film materials, which don’t look impressive, will reflect so striking light when the light is shining. The principle of enlightenment is not difficult, mainly because the process is relatively complex. Because the glass bead is spherical, because the light cast to the screen is similar to the parallel light, when it hits the top of the sphere, the incident angle is very small, some of the light is reflected, and the other part is reflected again after being removed, and then the removed light is returned to the air, back to the front of the screen. When the light hits the top of the sphere, the angle of incidence is very large. The light will be reflected on the glass beads. Some of the light will be reflected on other glass beads, and then be reflected back. Because the glass bead is round and the incidence is different, the returned light is not parallel light, the effect is equivalent to diffuse reflection, but the efficiency is much higher than diffuse reflection. So the effect is much better than the white cloth screen.

Since its appearance, reflective materials have made great contribution to the public security. With the development of national economy, the improvement of people’s living standards and the enhancement of safety awareness, reflective materials will be more widely used in the Chinese market in the future.

The manufacturing principle of reflective cloth is: the glass beads with high refractive index are coated or coated on the surface of cloth base, so that ordinary cloth can reflect light under the illumination of light. It is mainly used for products related to road traffic safety, widely used in reflective clothing, all kinds of occupational clothing, work clothes, fashion, shoes and hats, gloves, backpacks, personal protective equipment, outdoor products, etc., and can also be made into various reflective products and ornaments.

1. Super reflective cloth strength: Based on the micro prism regression reflection technology, the reflective strength reaches 300cd / LX / m2.
2. It can be directly painted: its surface layer is made of PVC polymer material, which has strong ink absorption and can be directly painted.
3. Easy to use: its base material type includes fiber synthetic cloth and PVC calendering film. The base layer of fiber synthetic cloth has super tensile strength and can be used like ordinary fiber synthetic spray painting cloth. Direct spray painting, direct tension installation; PVC calendering film can be directly pasted on any bright and clean fabric after coating adhesive.

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